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Your life, your choice


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Rights, responsibilities, relationships and respect – Helping young people to develop bacic Christian life skills

Val Hamann

This book encourages Christian inmates to develop social skills that will help them to reintegrate into society when they are released. They focus on four important factors for becoming socially acceptable: rights, responsibilities, relationships and respect. These skills and values are strengthened by studying the Bible and discussing the message with other believers. The lessons are thought-provoking and challenge inmates to change their ways where necessary. Guidance is given, however, ultimately the choices and decisions inmates make are entirely up to them.

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Val Hamann lives in Cape Town, South Africa. While volunteering for Andrew Murray Prison Ministry and Kairos Prison Ministry International, she took initiative to identify various programs that prisons urgently need, yet do not have. Through this book Val wishes to leave a legacy, touching the lives of many people that she may never even meet.


  • Prisoners
  • Prison ministries
  • Individuals involved in prison ministries
  • Churches with prison ministries