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Creatively mindful


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Focus your mind to eat and live healthily

Creatively mindful is a lifestyle guide with a difference. Each of the 90 hand-drawn pictures accompanies a food thought to ponder on and a practical tip or advice to follow while taking your first steps to living healthily and creatively mindful.
Colouring is therapeutic. While enjoying the harmonic pictures, reflect on how you can make healthy living and eating a long-term goal and habit. Focus your mind on something beautiful and creative and be constructive while deciding how to apply the thought or tip for the day in your life.
May you find inspiration and motivation in Creatively mindful to positively change your life and habits over a period of 90 days and live healthily ever after.

• Written by a well-known and successful food consultant, home economist and author of award-winning cookbooks.
• A unique book in the sense that it gives the reader short food thoughts, tips and advice that are easy to follow and to implement in life. No long scientific arguments!
• Each food thought in this book is accompanied by a hand-drawn picture to colour in.
• Not only is the activity of colouring therapeutic; it also gives you the opportunity to reflect on how you can make healthy living and eating a goal and a habit for life.

Heleen Meyer is a qualified home economist and during the past 20 years she has established herself as a successful, independent food consultant. She has a strong focus on healthy eating, whether she is the keynote speaker, doing a cooking demonstration, developing recipes for an exciting project or sharing her passion on radio or television.
Heleen is the author of two award-winning cookbooks. Not only are her recipes creative and well tested, she also uses everyday ingredients. Her recipes are easy to cook, interesting and healthy.
Heleen also inspires others to live and cook in a “greener” way so that the environment is taken into consideration. Read the regular blogs on her website or follow her on social media.